User agreement for the use of Linnaeus University’s computer, network and system resources

The aim of Linnaeus University is to ensure that its network is as accessible as possible. Computer resources, computer networks, related equipment and accounts are owned and managed by Linnaeus University for use in operations authorized by the university. Any other operations may only be allowed if they:

The term authorized is used in these regulations for persons who have been allocated an account, or otherwise have received permission to use Linnaeus University’s computer, network or system resources.

For authorized users, the following regulations apply:

The following applies to the use of Linnaeus University’s computer, network and system resources:

Violation of the regulations will result in the following actions:

Applicable regulations can be found on the schools’ notice boards, or electronically on

I hereby pledge to keep up-to-date with, and follow, the regulations which are currently in force concerning the use of Linnaeus University’s computer systems. I declare that I have read and understood these regulations.

I am aware that careless use, or failure to follow the instructions of those responsible for the systems, may result in access to the computer, network and system resources being denied. I am also aware that violations may result in legal proceedings and that any damages caused by such violations may lead to financial claims.